Financial consulting

Expansion, merger, liquidation – wherever you want to take your business, we‘ll check the route before you start going down it.

The outstanding qualifications of our staff enable us to accompany you far beyond traditional fiduciary issues. We can provide advice for you in all the phases of your business – as well as a wide network of specialists.

What we offer

  • Business start-ups and company creation
  • Strategic and organisational consulting for SMEs
  • Business plans
  • Restructurations (reorganisations, mergers, spin-offs, management buy-outs, etc.)
  • Liquidations
Management / Outsourcing
  • Succession planning and regulations
  • Transmission of board of directors‘ mandates
  • Registered offices for domiciliary and holding companies
  • Domiciliation mandates with secretary and IT services
  • Domicile addresses for companies
  • Company evaluations, reports, expert opinions
  • Due-diligence consulting
  • Preparation of sales documentation
Public administration / NPO
  • Support in the introduction of HRM2 or IPSAS
  • VAT Consulting
  • Interim management / representation
  • Secretarial services for associations
Legal advice
  • Legal consulting (commercial and business law)
  • Establishing and reviewing contracts
  • Trusteeship mandates in the case of moratoriums
  • Succession planning and arrangements
  • Will executor mandates