Inventory lists 2018

We put at your disposal the presentation of the Inventory Lists. With the aid of this Excel document you can easily understand the accounts receivable, work in process, stock, advances and prepaid expenses, accounts payable, and accrued liabilities.


The macros must be activated in order to use the document with no restrictions. The document must be saved beforehand in order to open it.

The printing is activated by the «print list» button. The list of clients/suppliers is in alphabetical order and the spaces are hidden. The printed version always appears in the preview window first, from where it is still possible to make some adjustments (for example, the margins, the choice of printer, etc.).

The list can also be printed with the aid of the «print summary» button. However, the figures are shown only in the list. The printed version also appears in the preview window first.

We remain at your disposal for any eventual questions.

Download: Excel list